Should you stain hard wood floors?

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How to decide whether to stain the floors or not, and what to base your decision on.

Sand & refinish your hardwood floors!

When you have your hardwood floors refinished, the old finish is taken off and the wood is sanded, then a new “finish” is applied. When that’s all we do, it’s called going natural. The natural color of the wood shines through, and looks pale and light brown to pink, depending on the grade and species of wood.


How will you know if you want to go natural? Most refinishing experts will provide you with an option to see a sample of what this would look like after the sanding is completed if you’re undecided. Make sure that you let the professional show you what it looks like on your floor, a particular wood species and age, this is something that cannot be recreated easily in a sample, without the exact same process and materials.

What is used to finish hardwood floors?

Make sure you know what type and the brand of finishing product is being applied to the floor, this can affect whether the color that you see on the first day is the same as a year or more from refinishing. Waterborne poly finish tends to remain clear over time, where oil-based poly ambers over time. For more differences in poly types, check this out.

Stain Wood Floors?

Something we love about our specialty of refinishing hardwood floors, is the amazing transformation that can take place when we stain the wood, previous to applying finish. The process we use to prep the floor to be stained and finished will magnify and darken the soft grain in the wood, and the pattern is so beautiful, with all stain colors. Dark brown colors, grey, whitewash, and natural hardwood floors have been our most popular in 2017 & 2018.

What color should I stain my floors?

Some people want to coordinate or match with cabinets, fixtures, or furniture in the rooms. Some people have old pet stains or water stains that can be covered with the application of stain. Others are referred by their interior designers to choose a certain color family that will go with a new look.

Take a look at these examples of the many colors and grain patterns hardwood flooring could have. What’s your favorite look?

Jacobean | Dark Walnut | Special Walnut | Espresso | Ebony | Classic Grey | White

Nutmeg | Early American | Golden Oak | Golden Pecan | Colonial Maple | Honey

Provincial | English Chestnut | Red Chestnut | Red Mahogany | Cherry | Rosewood

How long will it take to stain my floor?

Although the exact amount of time isn’t the same for all floors, or all types of stain, when we stain a floor instead of going natural, the prep is more intricate and there are two more periods of drying time that are added to the project timeline. Often up to 2 days can be added to the project under the best circumstances.

Floor Refinishing smells…

If you’re having the flooring construction done on the house you’re living in, be prepared to smell some things! Specific to the finishing, wood stain has a very strong paint-type smell which tends to last longer than the smell of water-based finish, alone.+

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