Hardwood Refinishing


We use tried and true techniques to sand away the old finish and imperfections, then attention to detail as we color and coat the wood, made to last for years and years. Custom stain, transitions, trim, and finishing products available.


Hardwood Repairs

Sometimes a small area or even one board in an area goes bad or is damaged from pests, pets, or other conditions. We can "surgically remove" the bad ones and replace with similar new wood, then sand and finish the entire floor for a seamless result.

Vinyl Plank Installation

We install all types of hard surface flooring. We can also prepare or repair subfloor for any changes in flooring if necessary.

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Next Steps...

If you'd like to have us quote the flooring work you have coming up, we'd be happy to come out to give an onsite estimate and free advice if you need it.