How long does it take to refinish wood floors? What’s the difference between curing and drying?

how long does it take to refinish hardwood floors?

Curing vs. Drying

Depending on the brand, durability, and chemical makeup of the poly that’s used on your floor, the dry time and the cure time can be widespread. 

Bona polyurethane finish & procedure

We use Bona brand waterborne polyurethane finishes, three from the many in their professional and environmentally friendly line of products. The Bona website offers detailed information about the dry times and the cure times that are necessary, if you want to do your own research.

We apply 3 coats of finish, the final coat carrying the sheen of the customer’s choice, between Matte, Satin, Semi-gloss, and Glossy. The coats each take an hour to three hours, depending on humidity and temperature, to dry.

When can we walk on the floor?

Drying means being able to walk on it without it sticking to your feet or shoes. We still recommend stocking-feet and felt-covered furniture feet only, for the first several days. We recommend sweeping or vacuuming debris, hair, or dust that falls into the freshly dried floor, to avoid adherence of the debris to the floor’s curing finish.

That doesn’t mean it’s done.

Curing is the process where the poly is attaching to the wood and fully hardening. Pets should be kept off the freshly finished floor with their nails, for as long as possible, up to 30 days, which is the full curing period; some people use pet socks!

When can we put rugs down?

Clean, stable rugs that are not sliding or scuffing across the finish can be laid as early as 7 days after the finish is dry.

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