Accept an Estimate? Our Customer’s FAQ Answered

We’d like for you to be as prepared as possible for your flooring project. When it comes to refinishing, it’s quite an undertaking! Check out this information about the process.

Terms & Agreements

Refinishing your hardwood floors requires sanding with various machines down to bare wood, polishing the wood, and then applying 3-4 coats of water or oil-based polyurethane finish. There are differences between coatings, we discuss these at the on-site estimate and after scheduling. During the coating process, it is imperative that no one walk on the floor. The necessary process of drying and curing results in a smooth and durable shell over your floor. You will choose the sheen, or shininess, of the coating. During sanding, it is okay to walk on the floor with shoes, although the area will be dusty. We will let you know when we get to the preparation stage, when we need all who have access to the property to know not to walk on the floors until further notice. A few hours after the last coat of polyurethane finish, it will be okay to walk on the floors. The finish has a seven day curing time that will be necessary to ensure the full hardness is reached. If you can, keep animals and any rolling, rocking, or sliding furniture off of the floors until the seven days have gone by. Placing furniture on the floor, which will not move around after placement, would be fine after a day of drying.


Hardwood flooring is different, from house to house, as well as between species, finish types, and existing conditions. We never promise a timeline for completion, but we can let you know what would be the expected amount of time it would take to complete the floor.  If your project is on a tight schedule, and you have other things scheduled to happen in your home just after we complete the flooring project, please let us know. It is recommended that you keep the next project scheduled for a week after your floors are done. It is recommended that you wait until floor refinishing is completed prior to any painting; there are many reasons for this. On the other hand, any drywalling, drywall sanding, or ceiling repair should be done prior to having the floors done, if possible.

Baseboards & Trim

In order for us to refinish the entire visible floor, we use the machines to get directly up-to your baseboards. Base”shoe” or quarter-round pieces can sometimes get damaged due to the sander rubbing against them in the process. We suggest considering the type of projects you have left to complete, and also recommend using touch up paint after construction around the baseboards and trim pieces, if possible.

If you would like us to install new trim pieces or baseboards after construction, we would be happy to do it for you. However, we don’t recommend removing base”shoe” or quarter-round trim pieces and attempting to re-use them. Depending on the age and type of trim, these pieces break easily during removal.


We vacuum several times in the process of sanding your floors, but there will be cleaning necessary after we leave, as dust will settle on everything, unfortunately. We will dust the walls and trim from 3ft down to the floor and trim. We will vacuum out open vents in the floor where dust has fallen. If you would like us to do a more thorough cleaning, please let us know to reflect that on your estimate and work order. We offer deep cleaning after construction for $15 per hour.


Due to the nature of this type of project, please remove picture frames and nick-nacks from shelves and walls in any joining rooms where we’re sanding or installing the floors. If we’re sanding in a kitchen, remove everything from the counter-top and exposed shelves. If you would like us to put up the protective plastic sheeting to minimize dust flow to other rooms that are not being sanded, as is sometimes needed in open floor-plans, please let us know, otherwise this will be discussed at the on-site estimate or named in the emailed estimate.

We provide the materials we use to sand and refinish your floors. However, if there is a specific stain or left over materials that you would like us to match, we would be happy to use the product you have purchased. Unfortunately, we can’t promise an exact stain match to a color that you have already in your home, as the process of sanding, preparation, as well as stain and poly type play a role in the coloring. We can, however, have you approve of the closest match we find, in what we call a stain test on your bare wood before we move forward with staining the floor. Please request this if it is important to you that the color of the floor matches something.

Damage Repair

Unfortunately, in moving large and heavy machines around the rooms we’re sanding and through others, we sometimes accidentally bump a wall, and we don’t always know when it happened. Please let Erica know if something comes up that you believe we accidentally did while working in your home. We will be sure to address the issue, and offer to fix it within our network of service providers.

If any damages to the property occur during flooring construction, Wolverine Flooring reserves the right to complete the repair through our network of service providers. We will be given ample time to make the repair and there will be no discount or delay on the price for the work we completed on the floors.


We send estimates and invoices electronically. Please check your junk or spam folders if you’re expecting something from us, because often attachments are flagged by e-mail providers. If an invoice is not paid when due, a fee of 10% of the initial bill will be added each Friday that payment isn’t received past the due date.

Cash and Checks are accepted by Wolverine Flooring. If you need to use our credit card processing service, we accept Visa and MasterCard; a 3% processing fee will be added to your invoice.

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